NETFLOOR 2022-2023

Vision & Implementation

The COVIC and unbelievable soaring ocean freight had significant impact onto our world-wide sales during 2020~2022. The situation is expected to continue in whole 2022 till first half of 2023. However, starting from Q4, 2022, raw material cost and ocean freight price are reducing faster than our original prediction. Our sales projection for Q4 2022, and 2023 is turning into optimistic.

We shall review and adjust product and sales strategy together with each Partner Distributor complying to region’s particular development. Our new products development continues. However, recently the new products are focusing on the regions of South East Asia and the Gulfs.

World-Wide Distribution
Netfloor's global sales achievement is attributed to the great contribution by each region’s Partner
Distributor. We continuously work closely with our Distributors in each region or country. Our
mission is to extend full supports to our Distributors in all respects including product development,
marketing, sales, and technologies. Since beginning of 2020, business trips are completely stopped.
All communication in-between us and the partner Distributors are through video conference.
Hopefully the situation will be changed by mid-2023.
Regional Partner Distributors photo 1
Regional Partner Distributors photo 2
Regional Partner Distributors photo 3

I. World-Wide Distribution

Case Study Building

EC and UK

Business in EC and UK were dropped in 2021~2022. We were doing find in Spain, but not in rest of EC, nor UK.

Gulf nations and Egypt

Gulf nations are used to be leading regions of Netfloor global sales. Sales of the area was dropped in last 5 years due to oil price slump. But we receive more inquiries since beginning of 2022. Exports to the Gulfs are growing since Q4, 2021. We expect sales in these areas will continue growing in 2022 and 2023.

Asia and Australia

Sales in Asia is expected continuous growing in HK,
Macao, and Taiwan..

Northern America

The soaring ocean freight has affected the sales in
the Northern America. Hopefully the situation will be changed by end
of 2022 or beginning of 2023.
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Regional Partner Distributors photo 7
Middle East

II. Product lines and product strategy

A. Low-profile access floor systems:

Netfloor is one of the leading manufacturer of low-profile access floor systems. All Netfloor low-profile access floor systems are featured with grid-pattern, fully accessible Cable Trenches. The systems are widely using for new and old class-A office buildings, school, training institutions, stores, and etc.
Systems of Environmental Friendly (LEED compliance) & User Friendly:
100 % recyclable and 100% re-usable
ECO series: FFH 40, 50, 60,
And launched 70 mm H in Q4, 2019.
Camass System: FFH 45 ~ 150 mm
Grand Square system: FFH 40 mm, 60 mm

Systems of User Friendly
CamassCrete series: FFH 40 ~ 200 mm

FloatBond adhesives tab
The new product launched in January 2018, which brings large attention by carpet tile and vinyl tile manufacturers as well as resilient tiles distributors. We anticipate the new product line will contribute great sales performance to overall product lines.
Low-profile access floor 1
Low-profile access floor 2
adhesives tab floatbond

B. ZoneTeq Modular Wiring system (MWS)

We are proud ZoneTeq MWS is now UL listed. 
We are launching full-scale marketing program in the Northern America and Asia first. The market potential is promosing for this new product line.
For more information, please visit


We supply the systems for many projects like museums, offices, military bases, factories, for loading property 1000LB grade to 2,640LB (1200kg) grade.

D. New products for Q4, 2022 ~ 2023:

Netceiling: to launch in October / November 2022. A series-connection modular wiring systems
specially for office buildings and commercial facilities lighting fixtures’ power supply. To start, sales of the product lines are covering Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and all other South East Asia nations.

ZoneTeq series-connection modular wiring systems with floor boxes:
To launch in September / October 2022. To start, sales of
the product lines are covering H.K. Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, and Thailand.
Modular Wiring system
Outdoor understructure systems

III. Intellectual Property

Netfloor LOGO

A. Trademark:

NETFLOOR is a world-wide trademark owned by Netfloor, Inc. NETFLOOR brand has been registering in most of the major industrial and developing countries, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, India, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, HK, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and etc.

B. Patent:

Netfloor Cable Management Systems have been patent granted in USA, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, China, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, and patent pending in most other industrial nations.

IV. Manufacturing

A.Taiwan Plants


All environment-friendly & User-friendly systems are manufacturing in Taiwan plants.

  • Camass system
  • ECO series
  • ZoneTeq System
  • Grand Square systems
  • "Infofloor" brand AD300R system



All understructure & metal parts manufacturing.

  • steel cable trench caps for all systems socket set screws
  • all pedestals and socket set
  • special non-zinc whisker pedestal and stringer

B. China Plants

  • Access panel of CamassCrete system
  • Access panel of STACO anti-static system
  • Access panels of Alcore system

C. Capacity:

Exceed 1,000,000 sq. meters annually.

V. Quality:

NETFLOOR systems are ISO 9001 quality certified.
In pursuing continuous product improvement and development, first class quality is always our non-compromise policy. We guarantee our product quality to our world-wide distributors and end users.

VI. Executives

Specialists in the field of low-profile cable management flooring, the executives of Netfloor, Inc. embrace a global view in developing and implementing product marketing and distribution strategies.

Jemmy Y. C. Chen: Managing Director
MBA, a 30 year veteran in interior flooring products, Jemmy is inventor of Netfloor CMS/ECO and Camass® systems. Invention and introduction of first Netfloor product line starting 1995. He set designing, developing, and standards from scratch a product utilizing all his expertise in the field.

Frank Wang: Director, International Division
BS, has 25 year experience in the interior flooring industry. Before joining Netfloor, Inc. in 1989, Frank was part of senior management for a US garment buying company in Asia.

Julian Sun: Project Manager, East Asia
BS, joining Netfloor, Inc. in 1990. Julian is in charge of East Asian project sales and product Distributor and Sales Representatives training.

Henry Chen: Manager, System and Product Development
BS, architect, joining Netfloor, Inc. in 2007. Before joining us, He was designer in a leading architecture firm in Taiwan. Henry is currently an independent sub-contractor focusing on Netfloor new product designing and development.